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The Sisters of Sigma Kappa

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Happy Founders Day! Nov. 9th, 2006 @ 11:29 am
Happy Founders Day to all my sigkaps. 132 years in the mystic bond and counting!

Online companies Nov. 5th, 2006 @ 02:07 pm
Has anyone used greekave.com for ordering sorority clothes?  Do you recommend them/not recommend them?  They have some great package deals going on (like a hoodie and a messenger bag for less than $40), and it seems almost too good to be true.  TIA.

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Sigma Kappa Member is First Known Sorority Casualty in Iraq Oct. 3rd, 2006 @ 07:51 pm
On Tuesday, September 19, 2006, Ashley Henderson Huff was killed when a suicide car bomb exploded while she was on duty in Iraq. No one else in her unit was killed; however two soldiers were injured. Ashley, a 1st lieutenant in the 549th Military Police Company, 385th Military Police Battalion, died of head and chest injuries inflicted during the explosion. She was stationed in Mosul, one of the most dangerous locations in Iraq.

As a member of Sigma Kappa Sorority, Epsilon Epsilon, The University of Georgia, Ashley, 23, had a unique college experience. Besides being a member of Sigma Kappa, she joined the ROTC, and loved it. After graduation in 2004, she moved to Savannah, Georgia. She married her husband, Brian Huff, in August 2005. Shortly after the wedding, Ashley was deployed to Iraq. She was killed just six weeks before she was scheduled to return home to the United States.

Although Ashley's death was unexpected, it was especially unusual from a Sigma Kappa viewpoint. Very few sorority members, including members of other NPC organizations, have served in hostile territory during the current conflict. To our knowledge, no other sorority has lost a member while serving overseas in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Ashley's unique situation is heartbreaking, and equally unfair to all the family, friends, and sisters left behind. She was a hero, an honorable woman and sister who will be deeply missed.

Ashley was featured in the summer 2006 issue of the Sigma Kappa Triangle as a hero, a strong woman who was making an impact in Washington, DC, through her military efforts. The article was written
in advance of her death, however, only hours before the magazine went to press, national headquarters received notice of her death. Ashley had planned to surprise her family with the article after its publication.

Ashley is survived by her parents, Janet and Mark, her siblings, Andrew and Abby, and her husband, Brian Huff.

Please send written condolences to:
Brian Huff
1858 Burch Briar Bend
Lawrenceville, GA 30043

Contributions in memory of Ashley are being accepted to endow a scholarship. To contribute, please make your check payable to "Sigma Kappa Foundation"and mail to:

8733 Founders Road
Indianapolis, IN 46268.

(Please include Ashley's name in the memo line.)

For additional information about memorial gifts, call Sigma Kappa Foundation Executive Director Allison K. Lewis at: (317) 381-5530 or e-mail: alewis@sigmakappa.org.
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just a few reasons why i loooove my sorority. Oct. 1st, 2006 @ 11:19 pm
i found these on our national website. these are women who made a difference.

so you think sorority girls are all the same, huh? tell me that AFTER you read the following:

Betty Jo Peacock Hay, Sigma, was president of the National Mental Health Association in 1986. She has received such honors as the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health Award, Women Helping Women Award, Mental Health Association in Texas Honoree, Public Citizen of the Year, and other awards for her contributions to higher education and children's mental health.

Rhea Seddon, Lambda, mission specialist for NASA. Her first flight into space was aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery in 1985. She took her Sigma Kappa badge on her flight into space.

Margaret Chase Smith, Alpha, was the first U.S. woman senator, first woman to sit in both houses of Congress, recipient of the U.S. Air Force's most prestigious award, the American Spirit Award, in recognition of her contributions as "a great American patriot." She was also presented with a Doctor of Laws honorary degree from Rutgers University in addition to her other 93 honorary degrees. She was a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award presented by President George Bush in July 1989.

Sarah Weddington, Zeta Nu, is an attorney and spokesperson on public issues and leadership. In 1972 she became the first woman elected from Austin to be a member of the Texas House of Representatives. Sarah served three terms as a representative before becoming assistant to President Jimmy Carter. Sarah is well-known for her work on issues affecting women in her role as an attorney, as a legislator, as a professor and as an expert called upon by the national media. Her first book, A Question of Choice, detailed the Roe v. Wade case which she argued before the U.S. Supreme Court and won in 1973.

sigma kappa's bringin' the thunder.
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Traveling to Brussels Sep. 22nd, 2006 @ 09:46 am
I am headed to Brussels 10/12-21.  I have a place to stay and people to travel w/ from 10/15 on, but I'm looking for someone to spend the first few days w/ me.  I don't want the person to be a complete stranger, so I thought a Sigma Kappa would be perfect.  Does anyone know of any SKs who are studying in Brussels this semester or who have moved to Brussels?  I'm sure it's a long shot, but I thought I'd ask.

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Other entries
» (No Subject)
quick question...I was initated April 7, 2006 and I was wondering how do I get my info so that I can sign on to the sister's only section of the website? Also how do I get the Triangle mailed to me?

Dove Love to all

P.S: can someone upload the Sigma Kappa rap for me??? I'd love to play it for the girls (because I highly doubt they've heard it)
» Triangle
I'm in the Triangle!  I'm one of the alumnae who took the Capitol tour on Founders' Day.  I'm the 2nd on the left.

Congrats to Zeta for reaching 100 years.  Thanks also to Beta Zeta, who also planned the Founders' Day celebration, and who has welcomed me as a rush helper for the last two years.  Even tho I grew up in the DC area, it's made a Delta Chapter alum feel at home here.

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» Sigma Stamps!!
So I went to the post office yesterday to buy new 39 cent stamps and the lady pulled the selection from behind the counter. I have decided that whoever designed the ones that I picked out is one of our sisters -- it's lavendar with a heart and a dove on it =) It's technically the 2006 wedding stamp but they look awfully mystic to me ;)

Sisterhood is in the mail!

Get them at your local post office now :)
» DJ Scrilla Song
Hey ladies,

I was just wondering if any of you happen to have the DJ Scrilla Sigma Kappa Rap. I've searched high and low on the internet, but I can't find it. I guess i'm just bad at this game. So if someone could e-mail me at kendlaal@yahoo.com or IM me at Starlettequality with it you'd seriously make my life! Thanks much!
» (No Subject)
Last night we did pledge pin returns...and I must admit, I feel a tad bit empty without my pin, but its alright because initiation is tomorrow night and I'm excited to finally join the Mystic Bond of sisterhood!!!
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